Hylténs Industrimuseum - Hylténs Industrial Museum

Address: Gåröström, 335 33 Gnosjö Show map

Address: Gåröström, 335 33 Gnosjö

The Museum is a well preserved metal industry, which was used between 1874 and 1974. The machines and tools are still in a working condition. There is even a stockroom filled with finished products, ready to be shipped out with the next delivery.

The more than 100 year old power station produces electricity and power for the shaft lines, which run about 35 different machines. The museum is in its original state from 1974. Electrical power for the museum is supplied by a turbine and a generator from the end of the 1890’s. Hyltén’s Industrial Museum is shown to the public by skillful guides. They will tell you the history of the museum and show you how to use the old machines. School bells, ship bells, mortars, hangers and pieces of jewelry are made here, and all these products are exclusively for sale at the museum.

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    +46 0370-91700
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    335 33 Gnosjö
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    The museum is open workdays between 1.00 and 4.00 p.m. or by special agreement with the custodian. From midsummer until the third Sunday of August the museum is open daily between 1.00 and 4.00 p.m. The museum is closed during the midsummer weekend 20- 22 of June. Groups of more than 15 persons should always be booked in advance. Bookings can be made with the custodian, phone +46 370 91700 (in Sweden 0370-917 00), or with the Gnosjö Tourist Information Office , phone +46 370 331 041 (0370-33 10 41).
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    Adult 60 SEK Children (7-16 år) 30 SEK Family Large Group Please call first!