High Chaparral - Welcome to the Wild West

Address: High Chaparral , 330 31 KULLTORP Show map
Directions: Coming from Gothenburg /Göteborg Road/Väg 40 to Borås. In Borås, Road/Väg 27 to Växjö. Turn at Bredaryd to Hillerstorp. Coming from Stockholm E4 to Skillingaryd. Turn at the Statoil gas station to Hillerstorp and Bredaryd. At the roundabout at Hillerstorp, drive towards Bredaryd about 7-8 km. There's a sign on the left saying "High Chaparral". Coming from Malmoe/Malmö Road/Väg E4 to Värnamo. Turn at McDonald's. Drive Road/Väg 27 to Bredaryd. At the roundabout, drive towards Hillerstorp and Skillingaryd (towards Borås) Coming from Varberg Road/Väg 153 to Bredaryd. Turn to Hillerstorp and Skillingaryd. Coming from Halmstad Road/Väg 26 at Smålandsstenar. Take Road/Väg 153 to Värnamo. At Bredaryd, turn towards Hillerstorp and Skillingaryd. GPS coordinates WGS 84 Lat: N 57º 15' 47.70" Long: E 13º 49' 37.7" RT90 X=6350317 Y= 1380669 SWEREF 99 N: 6347284 E: 429279