Kallfeldts Läder - Kallfeldts Leather

Address: Norra Bruksgatan 5, 335 92 Nissafors Show map

Address: Norra Bruksgatan 5, 335 92 Nissafors

Welcome to Kallfeldts Läder and their factory shop in Nissafors, situated between Hestra and Gnosjö.

A visit here offers so much more than the shopping itself, you get a chance to experience the leather industry at a close range. In the workshop you get the opportunity to feel the original fabrics – Swedish moose, veil, reindeer and salmon, a guided tour, find real steals in the shop and find your own favorite wallet. As a visitor you can also get a chance to make your own wallet, if there is enough time. The facility is off course equipped with a wheel chair ramp, so that anyone who wants to visit can!

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  • Phone number
    46 0370-336206
  • Street address 1
    Norra Bruksgatan 5
  • City (address)
    335 92 Nissafors
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  • Opening hours
    Mondays thru Thursdays 9 am – 4pm Fridays 9 am – 1 pm